Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Deadfest is this weekend. Don't miss out and stay home. Day one will rule as well...even if the Big Crux show is two blocks away.

In other news, this is happening soon... 

Also, you can now be our "friends" on Facebook. Beating DIY ethics to death in the year 2011.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Back from a very successful tour. Thanks to anyone/everyone who let us take up space on their floors, came to shows, or was in any way a part of such an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience. Being able to watch and hang out with Ordstro every night was an extreme pleasure, and we couldn't have asked for a better group of people to travel with. If you're haven't heard or seen them live, you are missing out and should be ashamed of yourself. Do yourself a favor and click the link so you can be enlightened. The next Stares show will most likely be in August with Vile Intent and Godstomper in Oakland. More information will become available when a flyer surfaces. If all goes as planned, a new recording will be completed in the very near future as well. In the meantime, the following bands can and should be listened to as much as humanly possible...

Rape Revenge (Calgary, Alberta)
StressxRelief (Redding, CA)
Negative Standards (Oakland, CA)
AHNA (Vancouver, BC)
Obacha (Squamish, BC)
Napalm Raid (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Bridgeburner (Kamloops, BC)
Registeredsexoffender (Reno, NV)
Honduran (Portland, OR)
Wasichu (Portland, OR)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Final dates are confirmed. We will be visiting the following places at the following times:

JULY 1ST- Fusion Cafe (Seattle, WA)
w/ Negative Standards, Ordstro, Mercy Ties, Numb
w/Obacha, Ordstro, SxBxB, Negative Standards, Stress Relief, many more
JULY 3RD- Chateu Noir (Vancouver, BC)
w/ Ordstro, Negative Standards, AHNA, Unlearn, more
JULY 4TH- Tyler's Mom's House (Seattle, WA)
w/ Ordstro, Stress Relief, more
JULY 5TH- The North Hole (Portland, OR)
w/VxHxAxB, Ordstro, Wasichu, Honduran
JULY 6TH- Sue's Java (Redding, CA)
w/ Ordstro, Stress Relief
JULY 7TH- Holland Project (Reno, NV)
w/ Registered Sex Offender, Stress Relief, Ordstro

JULY 8TH- The Goondocks (Davis, CA)
w/ Caulfield, Di Bravura, Ordstro

We will have a second pressing of the demo, since we sold out of the first one. It will come in some kind of "special" packaging so that those lucky enough to grab one on tour can differentiate themselves from the rest of the world. Keep checking in as we will be adding links to flyers/facebook pages/etc so that you may stay completely informed on every detail regarding this blasphemous event.

Stay vile.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The tour with Ordstro is booked. The dates and locations will (most likely) be as follows:

July 1st The Black Lodge Seattle, WA w/ Ordstro, Negative Standards, more tba

July 2nd FASTCORE FEST Squamish, BC w/ Sidetracked, Owen Hart, Six Brew Bantha, Obacha, OSK, Stress Relief, Rape Revenge, Shooting Spree, Ordstro

July 3rd tba Vancouver, BC w/ Ordstro, Negative Standards, more tba

July 4th Tyler's House Seattle, WA w/ Ordstro, Stress Relief, more tba

July 5th Black Water Records Portland, OR w/ Ordstro, more tba

July 6th Sue's Java Redding, CA w/ Ordstro, Stress Relief

July 7th tba Reno, NV w/ Ordstro, Registeredsexoffender, more tba

July 8th The Goondocks Davis, CA w/ Ordstro, Caulfield, Di Bravura

We will have merchandise available for purchase, including a new tape that is expected to be more disgusting than the last. We only have a couple copies of the demo left, but it is free to download here. More accurate information will be posted in upcoming weeks, so be sure to check back and warn others about what is to come.